Six Home Sale Pitfalls to Avoid

Most of the time, after the purchase contract is signed, it’s smooth sailing through the closing, right? Not so fast, my friend.

Here are six hurdles that a professional Realtor can help you overcome.
1) Buyer fear
2) Financing falling through
3) Low appraisal
4) New lending, closing regulations or underwrite requirements slow things down
5) Defective title
6) Poor home inspection / inspector or picky buyer

Not only do I work to combat these up front, but I’ve got strategies to work through them as they come up. I’ve even let a buyer terminate & release an agreement so they can feel like they’re in control and have assuaged their fears. Then, we came back 2 days later and made an offer to the buyer. 30 days later, we closed the deal and everybody was happy.

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