3 Quick ways to make your home more photogenic.

1) Remove the window screens.  I know it’s a pain for those upper-story windows but it really will make the photographs pop both inside and out.  With the screens on, it looks like the home’s eyes are closed…

2) You MUST show the front door.  It’s the first thing people look for when they look at the front of a home.  After all, that’s the way in, right?  If you can’t get in, it isn’t invitinng is it?  It’s a subtle, but powerful psychological decision that will make buyers pass you by online.  Sometimes I have to stand on top of my truck, bring a ladder, etc. just to get that shot.

3) Use black mulch instead of pine straw.  It looks so much better and shows off your  hard-earned landscaping.  Right before the photo, spray the lawn and plants so they glisten.

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