10 Ways to Avoid a Stinky Home

  1. Take the trash out, and make sure the can isn’t close to exterior doors where buyers might walk by and catch a whiff.
  2. Stop smoking inside and out (and yes that includes cigars).  Non-smokers are turned off by smells inside and butts outside in the mulch.  Opening the windows and using an ionizer can help get the smell out.
  3. Some foods are particularly pungent, such as fish, eggs, broccoli, lamb and garlic.  Avoid cooking these when your home is on the market.
  4. Wash the dog.  You’ve become used to the smell of Spot, but buyers may not.  Keeping him shaved can cut down on hair around the house, hair bunnies and smells.
  5. Use lemon or citrus-scented candles during showings
  6. Run a few lemon or lime wedges through the garbage disposal.
  7. Open the windows before a showing for an hour to get the fresh air inside.
  8. Put a beer in the oven during showings.  It smells like you’re baking fresh bread.  I’ve also used the same Apple Pie as many as 10 times in the oven.  Just keep mixing up the ingredients to keep the odor flowing.
  9. Fresh cinnamon sticks in the bathrooms can help.
  10. If you have an area, such as a basement that tends to have higher humidity, then buy a humidifier.  Many have an easy to attach drain hose you can run outside.  You might want to turn it off for showings.  They can be a little noisy.

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