Where do most buyers search for homes online?

I just saw some numbers on monthly visits to home search sites that came from comScore Media Metrix. The far and away winner was Realtor.com with about 32M monthly visits. After that, it was Zillow with about 17M, Trulia with 12M, Yahoo with 10M, AOL and Homes.com with about 5M and then a few smaller sites such as Homefinder.com, Homegain.com, Hotpads.com and Listingbook.com.

Of course, most people use these sites to start looking at areas, get the lay of the land, find out about schools, what you can get for your money, etc.  Once they have settled on an area, they begin using the searches provided by the agent’s local MLS system.  In my case, I use a combination of both FMLS searches and Listingbook, depending on what my client needs and their technical ability.

It will be interesting to see what mobile search applications become dominant over the next year or so.  Keller Williams, Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow and SmarterAgent all have applications in use now.

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