Homes for Disabled Persons

In my previous work as a consulting engineer, I was involved at different times with the requirements of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), which deals with access to public buildings.

Even for minor disabilities, items such as levered door handles are a big help.  For more severe disabilities, lowered handles, lowered kitchen work spaces and a raised washer and dryer can make a big difference.

For custom builders, the challenges of helping a disabled client can really be an eye-opener and a challenge to help their clients enjoy their home as much as possible.  For the large national builders, it often isn’t possible to make upgrades for disabled persons during the build process.  In one case, my clients finished their home, then immediately remodeled it to their specific needs.  With the deals offered by the builder, this was still a better financial solution than building a custom home.

If you or a family member have specific needs, there are solutions.  I would be happy to help you through the design  and selection process along with one of my designers and/or architects.

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