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Top Subdivisions in Sales for 2011

I was curious about the top selling mid-range communities in Forsyth County, so I ran a search in FMLS for subdivisions in Cumming, Georgia with home sales during the 2011 calendar year, having 4+ bedrooms and selling between $200,000 and $400,000.  Here’s the top 5 (with ties):

1) Windermere – 15 Sales

2) Fieldstone (all sections) – 13 Sales

3) Polo Golf & Country Club (all sections) – 11 Sales

3) Thorngate – 11 Sales

4) Evans Farm – 10 Sales

5) Green Summers – 9 Sales

5) Jamestown – 9 Sales

Each of these communities had foreclosures and short sales as part of the volume.

How to get oil stains out of your garage floor.

As an environmental engineer, I’ve cleaned up a few oil spills.  More than once, I’ve utilized absorbents, sometimes by the truckload.

If you don’t mind a bit of an elbow workout, here’s a method to try.  Remember to wear some gloves!  Get rid of the oil that hasn’t soaked into the concrete with some cat litter or shop absorbent.  Make sure to work the absorbent into the spill and get as much up as possible this way.  A final pat with a newspaper usually gets up the remaining free liquid.

Now make up a paste of hot water and dry laundry or dish detergent.  Use a stiff brush to work this into the concrete (which is porous), and then rinse and dry.  Repeat the process if necessary.  Not every stain will come up completely, but you can make it look a lot less noticeable.

Personally, in my garage, I keep old carpet remnants down underneath the vehicles.  Every few years I throw them away and pick up some new scraps from a builder.  The only bad thing about this method is that you might not see an oil or coolant leak that immediately needs repair, so watch those dash lights!

This Month in Real Estate – Nov. 2011

This Month in Real Estate – Oct. 2011

Keller Williams Mobile launched!

Are you standing in front of a home with a Keller Williams sign out front? Do you have a smartphone? Go to mobile.kw.com and you can very quickly get information on the home. Here’s what you can do:
Search by MLS number.
Search by address and minimum / maximum list price.
Scroll through listings sorted by price ascending / price descending / open houses.
At a particular proprerty, you can get more email, send the info to a friend and conctact the agent by email or phone.
You can also get directions, see a map of the property area and view more photos.

Commuting. See how long it will take.

Here’s an interactive map where you can research your next move. http://www.realtor.org/rmonews_and_commentary/articles/2008/nar_research_maps_msa

Eight Camera Tips to make a room look larger

1) use a wide-angle camera (28mm or less), but don’t use a fisheye lens
2) fill up empty spaces, so a little staging can help
3) use mirrors to show more of the room and create volume
4) remove area rugs, open up the floor space
5) change around the furniture arrangement if there’s a cluttered room. Sometimes making a table smaller by collapsing the sides or removing a leaf
6) lighten up the room by turning all the lights on, opening the blinds and possibly adjusting the brightness in a photo program
7) remove clutter such as artwork, fridge magnets, stuff on counters or desks, etc.
8) shoot at angles, say from the very corner of a room to show the longest wall

With digital photography, don’t skimp on taking photos. You never know which one will look best once you start looking at it on your computer.

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